Help me find some new webcomics to follow
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With the welcome return of Hyperbole and a Half, I'm realizing that the comics folder in my RSS reader has dwindled over the past couple of years as several favorites have been retired (e.g. Mr. Wiggles) or near-retired (Achewood). Can you suggest some replacements?

I've read the previous questions about this but my requirements are a little different. Here's my current list:

Favorites: Cyanide & Happiness, Wondermark, Oglaf

Others I like often enough to keep on there: Hark! A Vagrant, Dinosaur Comics, Red Meat, xkcd, chainsawsuit, a softer world, three word phrase

As you can probably tell, my taste runs to one-off strips that are relatively absurdist, cynical and/or nsfw. I generally don't like long-running storylines, realistic characters, any kind of fan culture, or anything with a "message" or worldview (even xkcd annoys me when it gets too "omg science is awesome"). Any suggestions?
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I like Mostly SFWish, the ads she hosts are borderline WS.
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Tender Nuggets is a blog very similar to Hyperbole and a Half (lots of visual humor) that seemed to emerge in the void of H&aH's absence.

I have been enjoying this somewhat absurdist Korean webcomic.
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Hyperbole and a Half is back?! For these tidings, much thanks!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: one-off, often cynical, somewhat NSFW, clever (but less annoyingly so than XKCD).

Space Avalanche: one-off, well drawn, cynical, often absurdist.

Perry Bible Fellowship: one-off, well drawn, often very dark and/or absurd. Updates very infrequent now, but there's a big archive.

The Parking Lot is Full has been dead for ten years, but perhaps you missed it the first time around. Ticks most of your boxes.
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I don't see them in your list, but the classic Toothpaste for Dinner and Married to the Sea should fit your fancy.

Among new ones I've started following, Invisible Bread is fun, and I just started reading I am Arg, and I tend to like Three Word Phrase (Edit: I didn't see TWP on your list before).
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SUPER MEGA COMICS is where that traitorous leopard comic comes from, although it might be too off the wall.

Pictures for Sad Children has gotten abstract but still updates and has hilarious archives (Paul is a ghost in Paris, for example).

If you like Achewood, consider reading through Maakies, although it also updates super infrequently now. (And be warned that it is deliberately grotesque.)
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Sort of a junior PBF: Amazing Super Powers
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Also: Sinfest
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The evening I discovered Wonderella, I ended up staying up all night until I had read every one of them.
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CAT AGENT and its less-frequently-updated-these-days counterpart, BABYCAT
Gun Show Almost too cynical for me, but too good to quit
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Argh! Everyone's posting links to all these awesome comics that I haven't read yet, and it's just weeks before Google Reader shuts down forever. :[

Heh. Well, anyway, just sifting through my subscriptions to see which ones match your criteria... how about these?

Buttercup Festival
Maybe Cat and Girl too?
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Seconding Married to the Sea; Buttersafe is also fun.
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I've been enjoying watching stripsearch and the final 5 contestants are all worth a look.
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My current favorites are Super Mutant Magic Academy and i am boey.
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The Tragedy Series
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You might also like Surviving The World.
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Seconding Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It aims for the same nerdiness that xkcd goes for, but instead of trying to instill a sense of awe, he uses science to make dick jokes.
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Happle Tea: absurdist, cynical, and/or nsfw-ish.
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Basic Instructions
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