Is there a program I can install?
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Is there a simple bookmarking system that I can install on my own server?

I know that most blogging programs can be modified to do this (I've played around with Movable Type and WordPress for this purpose), but there's something very nice about the simplicity of the interface. I also know that there are plenty of hacks to import my bookmarks into whatever content management system I'm using, but I would prefer to have everything running on my server.

I have briefly looked at and Scuttle, but I haven't installed either of them yet. Has anyone used these? How well do you like them? Are there other options out there?

If it matters, the server hosting my sites runs FreeBSD, and I have access to PHP, MySQL, cgi-bin, and pretty much anything else I might need. I am reasonably proficient at installing sever-side software, but I'm not skilled enough to write my own program.
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Or unalog.
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Best answer: I have scuttle installed on my server. It was pretty easy to setup and it works perfectly for my needs (basically I wanted a clone of hosted locally)
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Best answer: You could try Insipid. Easy to install, easy to configure, and you can snapshot pages in their current form and the content is stored in the Insipid database.
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Response by poster: Thanks fjom and purephase -- I'll try both of those options and see which one works best.
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Ever seen Powermarks? It's a windows bookmarking app that used tags before tagging was cool. It seems to still be available though their website hasn't been updated in quite a while...
I used it and loved it until I got all distracted by and MyWeb2.0 and Furl and Wists etc. etc...
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