How do you find the press images of a reality show?
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I'd like to find high resolution versions of publicity photos from certain reality shows: Buck Wild, Duck Dynasty, Call of the Wildman, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Moonshiners. Obviously, the press is given access to these images so I wonder if any of those high resolution images are available to the public.

I know I can find web quality JPEGs on the websites of these shows, but I'd like to find high quality TIFFs or something like that.
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When I was a newspaper features editor, I often obtained press images by tracking down the production companies for shows. (Frequently listed on the show's Wikipedia page.) Some of the big companies/studios had password-protected media download sites that we used -- setting up an account often required a phone call or filling out an online form to be screen for legitimacy. Other times we'd get images distributed though the AP wire. If you are not a member of the media or are not using these images in a journalistic capacity, you should take time to read the copyright restrictions associated with images made available for use by the media.
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Best answer: I don't have time to search for all the shows you're interested in, but Buckwild (no space in the name) airs on MTV, so I googled "MTV Media," which led me to MTV's press website. That, in turn, led to the MTV media page for Buckwild. I suspect that MTV expects news outlets that need higher-resolution images than those made available to call or email either of the two press contacts listed on the show's media page. If I had time to track down an image, I'd just email one of the contacts. If I were on deadline, I'd call them both, then email both if neither answered the phone.
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On that MTV media page, did you check the "assets" tab? That seems to be where the print-resolution jpegs live (my impression is that TIFF files are an anachronism, but I haven't had much to do with print recently). No idea about the non-MTV shows.
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Take at look at Everett Collection. The production companies aren't going to help you, but you might be able to get something from MTV's media people, if you're a member of the press or an entertainment blogger.
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Best answer: If you hit a dead end with the production companies, another tack you could take is Google's image search "Larger than..." size filter. By specifying "larger than 4/6/8 megapixels" you can turn up higher-than-screen-resolution images (3000x2000, in this case) at large on the internet.
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