Best way to get from Northern Virginia to NYC?
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I need to get to NYC on a Friday evening. I work in Tyson's Corner, I live in Arlington, and I will have my car with me. I would rather not drive, and I don't live near the metro. What are my options if the earliest I can leave work is 4PM?

Back when I worked in DC, I would take the buses from Union Station, but getting into DC now sounds like it would be a nightmare. I would probably lose a few hours and get into NYC very late. Do I have any other options, other than just driving? Are there any trains that I could take where I could leave my car overnight for a weekend?
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You could drive to Union Station, which won't be terrible given that you will be commuting against traffic, and leave your car overnight at the parking garage there. I would budget about an hour for this, leaving you time to get a train at 5:30-6:30 to NYC.

Alternately, get a plane from Dulles to LaGuardia or JFK.
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Burke Centre station has about 1500 long-term (overnight) parking spots; the other station closest to Tyson's Corner is Alexandria which has 25 spots. But, it looks like there's only one train per day, in the morning, from BCV to NY Penn, while Alexandria has a lot of trains.

Your best bet is probably to just to go to Union Station, which has 500 overnight spots in the garage and a ton of trains.
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The Vamoose Bus has a pickup stop in Arlington (and one in Lorton).
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Can you drive to West Falls Church, park there and take the metro to Union Station?

If you left work exactly at 4:00, I think you'd have trouble making the 5:05, but you should have no problem with the 6:05.

If it were me, I'd try to get out of work 15 minutes early and make the 5:05.

Otherwise, if you're resigned to the 6:05, I'd drive and park at union station. It's $20/day, so you're looking at $60, but then you can drive home after.
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Fastest and most convenient will be: go to National Airport (metro? Cab?) from Arlington and fly to JFK. Not that cheap though.

Driving into Dc at afternoon rush hour isnt that bad though. Take 395, get off at union station, no worries.
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Seconding Vamoose, I had priced tickets recently between vamoose, megabus, and bolt bus and for the date/time Vamoose came out on top for being the cheapest. They also have a gold/VIP bus thats much roomier thats geared towards the business traveler (or those willing to pay extra for more space). Reviews on yelp are good too. It's nice not having to go all the way into DC just to get on a NYC bus.
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Vamoose looks perfect. And there's a parking garage nearby with 6 dollar weekend parking! Thanks!
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