Need mens hair stylist recommendation in the NYC / NJ area
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I am looking to re style my hair. I would like to go to someone who can recommend styles that suit me. I have some idea of what I want but could use some advice. Currently I go to supercuts. As you probably know they are not the best for advise. I am willing to pay significantly over supercut prices to get this advice. Just dont know who to go to. Any recommendations?
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F.S.C. Barber. Mathowie recommended them a few years back and it was a fantastic cut. It is more than Supercuts at $40, but worth every penny. They were able to get me out of haircut hell and gave me a great style that I still have. I don't live in NYC, but I took pics right after the cut and just show them to the lady I use now. I do want to hit them again the next time I go to Manhattan.

Good luck.
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Sandra at La Jolie in Princeton. She is the best.
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Response by poster: Vincele, thanks for you suggestion.
I looked up their website ( It looks like they primarily cater to women. Am I making an incorrect assumption based on what you know?
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I am not a man but I've been to Tommy Guns on the LES and they have a very masculine vibe. The owner is male and they have shaving services as well.
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