What time is it? Time to get a new watch!
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I need a ladies watch with an alarm that is waterproof and I could also wear to work.

I need a ladies watch and I'm having trouble finding one that suits my needs. I definitely need one with an alarm and hopefully one that I can wear 24/7 (so waterproof would be best). The problem I'm running into is that most watches that fit this description seem to be a stereotypical sports watch: large, plastic-looking, brightly colored, or chunky in a I'm going for a run type of way. This won't work for more business type occasions.

Are there watches that are waterproof, have an alarm, and don't look like they necessarily belong at a gym? I can afford $100 tops.

So far the only thing I have run across that sort of fits the bill is the Timex Ironman All Day Sleek. Are there any better (or even just other) options out there that I am missing?
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Careful with the Sleek. If the band is the same silicone/whatever material the Timex 1440 uses, it will pick up a grungy color within a week of wearing it, and I have found nothing that will clean it. The only solution I've found is to go dark with the band so you can't see the eventual staining.

I have exactly the same requirements as you. Best I could find was a Timex Expedition with a woven nylon band, which doesn't look as nice as I'd like. I'll be watching this thread with interest.
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Water-resistant (so probably good for everything but swimming): link
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Casio watch same as the one amaire linked to, but less expensive.
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Timex 47882 looks like it may fit the bill. Here is a better photo, but Overstock is sold out.
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I need the same, will also be watching for watches here. Meanwhile, behold Amazon's meager offering.

I can't believe some people think other people want to wear those things. Like, that no one, at any point in the production process, stood for beauty.
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I think the Kenneth Cole one looks pretty nice, but no personal experience with it, sorry.
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I'm wearing the same watch that amaire and JujuB linked to, and its a pretty good watch. thin, sleek, small; I've been wearing it non-stop for about a year now, and no signs of wear. the alarm works just fine, and that little row of numbers along the top? it's a little countdown timer that lets you easily set the watch to beep at 1 or 3 or 5, 10... minutes. I use that feature all the time! it's surprisingly useful and I don't forget what I'm doing and burn my dinner anymore. I wish it had a light, but aside from that it's pretty perfect.
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I have that Casio linked to above. It is not pretty, in my opinion, but I will never buy a different watch. There is a countdown timer with a dedicated button that does not require looking at the watch to use. This has been surprisingly useful in a wide range of situations, and I cannot find another watch with that feature.
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5_13... Oops see you got there first. Let's start a fan club.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
I guess the Casio is looking like the best option although there should definitely be more. I certainly hope someone views fashionable, functional watches as a business opportunity!
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