Skinning The Old Reader?
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So, I'm really trying to appreciate The Old Reader, but there are certain things I can't ignore. Primarily, the non-resizeable sidebar and the color scheme...

One, I'm not sure is necessarily able to be skinned, and that's the moveable leftsidebar/maincontent divider. At some point Google added this ability and the old reader apparently was copied from an older version than that. :(

The other things that I think are more able to be tweaked are the colors and style. I just have a very difficult time dealing with that weird mint-green color. I imagine there's some sort of userscript I could use in greasemonkey. I've never used stylish, but if I have to, I will... Is there a stylish or greasemonkey script that can override that awful color scheme, especially one with a nice light color scheme?

Any other tips to tweak and enhance the appearance/UI of oldreader is appreciated.
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If you're asking the question here, you might have some trouble figuring out the changes you need to make in Stylish, but here are my recommendations for a Stylish script based on looking at the page briefly. The site uses @media queries that change the layout based on the size of your browser window, so these might not work properly for you.
/* SIDEBAR AT 15% */
.row-fluid .span3 {
   width: 15% !important;

/* MAIN BODY AT ~ 80% */
.reader .body-fixed-top {
   width: 82% !important;
   left: 15% !important;

Applies to URLs on the domain:
I was going to make some suggestions for changing the colors, but there are multiple variants of mint green in their CSS file, and some use gradients. It isn't impossible, but it would take a while to change them all out to a color you like.
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Response by poster: I guess I'll try to install Stylish and take a gander at the CSS... I don't mind, say, the logo or whatever, but the general highlighting of mint, I'll have to see what I can find. I'll try to play with what you have for resizing. Thanks! If anyone else has any more tips/pointers, I'd love to hear :)
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Response by poster: In case anyone is curious, I ended up finding about inoreader (probably in another askmefi thread). It looks much more like gReader and has resizeable side frame, IIRC. It seems like a little more of a memory hog from what I can tell, hopefully they can tweak it. But if you want a more stylish option that isn't feedly, that's one potential option for you.
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