Why can't they make iMovie for Windows?
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I need to edit some video files I've shot on my camera. The problem is that the camera's video files export as .MOV and I can't find a good entry-level Windows program that supports the file type. Could someone recommend either a program that will let me edit this file type, or a good freeware converter? And if I do change them over to .AVI, what are some recommendations for a good yet simple Windows video editor?
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Use ffdshow and either a free converter like virtual dub, or a commercial product, like my very own Direct Media Convert
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I've had suprisingly good results with Windows Movie Maker, if you want to go really simple. Just stay away from all the cheesy transitions. I'm not sure if you can import .mov files, I would imagine not.

Sony Vegas is pretty straightforward if you want something more advanced. You can find it floating around the interweb if you're not too concerned about, ahem, actually buying it.
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Oh, and Movie Maker (as well as most other video software I've used) imports files, too. Can you just hook up your camera via firewire and do it through the software? Then they would be imported in a more useable format for Windows.
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I think thecjm is saying that the movies were made on a digital camera with a movie option, not with a video camera, ruby.aftermath.
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QuickTime Pro is a great value at $30, IMO. H.264 CODEC export is mad crazy. Exports AVI files too.
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I think AVIsyth will do it.. along wit Virtual dub.
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Response by poster: I think I'm going to try Avid Free DV, and if its over my head I'll go with markesh's converter and Windows Movie Maker. I'll let y'all know when I'm done. BTW, I'm making a video montage of this summer's Toronto kickball season.
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I'm obviously a filmgeek. I use a number of tools professionally, and Avid has good tools.

Avid Free handles DV video..and will import .MOV files and convert them to DV. And the prices is right.

Best of luck, feel free to email if you have questions about how it works.
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