Recover password on a D-link DGS-3450
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We lost our network analyst recently, and he left us with almost no documentation. The network is having some issues, and we are troubleshooting, but we cannot get access to one of our switches - it's a Dlink DGS-3450. No problem, right? Well every manual with instructions I can find via Google online is coming up with a 404. We found reference to an addendum with instructions - no luck. Has anyone done this successfully? Any ideas how to do it without losing configs? The configs are crucial - we can't lose them. Tech support for D-link is closed. Thanks in advance!
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Does this one help?

posted by bluecore at 2:28 PM on May 11, 2013

This manual has password recovery instructions on the last page.
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Ah, unfortunately no. The top one we had, but couldnt find what we needed, and the second link fails.
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2nd link does not fail for me. MeMail me if you want the PDF emailed directly to you.
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Doesn't fail for me either, from the last page on reynaert's pdf:

This chapter describes the procedure for resetting passwords on D-Link Switches. Authenticating any user who tries to access networks is necessary and important. The basic authentication method used to accept qualified users is through a local login, utilizing a Username and Password. Sometimes, passwords get forgotten or destroyed, so network administrators need to reset these passwords. This chapter explains how the Password Recovery feature can help network administrators reach this goal.

The following steps explain how to use the Password Recovery feature on D-Link devices to easily recover passwords.
Complete these steps to reset the password:

1. For security reasons, the Password Recovery feature requires the user to physically access the device. Therefore this feature is only applicable when there is a direct connection to the console port of the device. It is necessary for the user needs to attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation to the console port of the switch.

2. Power on the Switch. After the runtime image is loaded to 100%, the Switch will allow 2 seconds for the user to press the hotkey [^] (Shift + 6) to enter the “Password Recovery Mode.” Once the Switch enters the “Password Recovery Mode,” all ports on the Switch will be disabled.

3. In the “Password Recovery Mode” only the following commands can be used.

reset config
The reset config command resets the whole configuration back to the default values.

The reboot command exits the Reset Password Recovery Mode and restarts the switch. A confirmation message will be displayed to allow the user to save the current settings.

reset account
The reset account command deletes all the previously created accounts.

reset password {}
The reset password command resets the password of the specified user. If a username is not specified, the passwords of all users will be reset.

show account
The show account command displays all previously created accounts.

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I've uploaded the file to Scribd. I guess that one of your network issues is that FTP doesn't work? :)
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ish__: No luck. Maybe pw recovery is disabled on the Dlink. We're seriously considering replacing it and starting from scratch at this point.
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Have you checked this?

A website dedicated to default router passwords: RouterPasswords.Com
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