Save my coffee cake!
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I followed THIS RECIPE exactly. Couldn't seem easier or simpler. Problem is, it is a streusel-filled and struesel-topped coffee cake. The recipe said to use a 9x13 pan OR a bundt pan. I used the bundt pan, but never thought about reversing the given order ( in bundt pan, should be layer of streusel FIRST, then layer of batter, then layer of streusel, finally layer of batter) given that in a bundt pan you turn it upside down to serve! As soon as I put in the first layer of batter followed by the streusel filling, per the directions, I realized my mistake. But, alas, it was too late. Cake is now in the oven. I am sure it will taste fine, however, I plan to serve it for mothers day brunch and would love to figure out how to add a layer of streusel or equivalent AFTER it has baked and cooled. Any ideas?
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How long has it been in the oven? Is it too late to just add the streusel to the bottom of the cake and either serve it upside down or just serve it with the streusel on the bottom (or more likely, just on one side because it will likely be served on the side)
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Best answer: What if you pour a glaze over (confectioner's sugar + vanilla and any other flavorings) and sprinkle chopped nuts on top before the glaze dries? That's streusel-like. The chopped nuts could also be mixed with cinnamon and sugar.
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Response by poster: Brainmouse, It is about 1/2 baked but I DID add it to the (when inverted)bottom and kind of tapped it into the batter a little so when I invert it it doesn't spill all over. Serving it upside down makes no sense to me. It is a bundt cake! and If I invert it after baking, then try to turn it again after cooling it will probably fall apart. I want it to be served looking like an attractive right-side-up bundt cake, just looking for a way to add some type of streusel-like topping AFTER it is baked
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Response by poster: Chickenmagazine, I was hoping to do something like that. what you are recommending sounds similar to the glaze I put over my rum cake.....that might work!! Any proportions to recommend?
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Best answer: Do you have some more of the ingredients?

What you call struesel isn't really struesel, but rather caramelized nuts. So, melt the sugar, nuts and cinnamon in a sauce pan on low heat until caramelized (keep watch, this doesn't take long) and use a spoon to carefully drizzle it over the cake.

Don't touch the caramelized sugar until it has cooled, it's seriously hot and can cause nasty burns.
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When it's done slice it horizontally into three slices. Rearrange the slices so the streusel is on the top. Maybe use some sort of frosting to cement the slices together.
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Best answer: Here's a recipe for a caramel glaze: "use it to finish just about any Bundt cake," the intro says. Sprinkle chopped nuts on immediately after pouring the glaze over the cake, as chickenmagazine suggests.
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Is it a smooth enough pan that you can serve the cake upside down? I.e. let it bake; when it comes out invert very carefully onto a plate, and then again onto another plate, so the side that was up in the pan is up again. Now streusel and glaze the hell out of that top surface and voila more streusel... it'll even look intentional because who doesn't want a wider surface of streusel?

This won't work if it was one of those fancy "castle" pans or whatever though.
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Best answer: I'd just put a glaze and some nuts on top or sprinkle it with powdered sugar, serve it right-side-up and pretend it's supposed to be a cake with two surprise streusal layers, one in the middle and one on the bottom, like a crust. Delicious. You've invented something new - very cool!
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