Suggestions for a graduate in Classics Civilizations?
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A relative is graduating from Trinity College, majoring in Classics. Getting her through school was long and difficult. I want to give her something. Her parents could afford any book she wanted, so rare editions are out. Any ideas on a nice gift?
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Which Trinity College? If the one in Dublin, Ireland, and there are not class rings, then maybe a claddagh ring inscribed with the date of graduation. If she graduates from any of the other Trinity colleges, e.g., Texas, Connecticut, it is hard to know of any relevant traditions.
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Antique drawing of the Forum or somewhere in Athens? There are lots of these on Amazon and they aren't too expensive.
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Laurel wreath.
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Find some classics-themed bling. I was given a nice watch with Roman numerals on the face, and a Greek coin that had been made into a pendant. Both of these gifts were much appreciated and have had a lot of use. Googling "ancient Roman jewelry" turned up some really pretty earrings and things made with Roman glass. Museum gift shops are surprisingly good for this kind of thing too, and a lot of them have catalogs online and ship.
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I was also a Classics major at a liberal arts college. Since she's graduated, she might now have time to enjoy the work of Anne Carson, who is a wonderful poet and translator of Greek.

Museum gift shops often have jewelry, scarves, and other things patterned on Greek and Roman designs, so you might poke around places like the British Museum and the Smithsonian.
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Love the Anne Carson idea too. Antigonick would make a great gift.
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The Getty has a truly spectacular gift shop with many classically-themed items as well. I would add that if you go the jewelry route, please make sure the coins are from a reputable company-- coin looting is a serious problem and cheap coins on eBay often come from illegal digs. There also a lot of stunning jewelry pieces with micromosaics of sites (kind of an old-school look) and in Etruscan revival styles.
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This might help.
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What about a classy fountain pen?
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