Live performance of Van Morrison singing "Someone Like You"?
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Is there a video of a live performance of Van Morrison singing "Someone Like You"? I've found videos, but they are NOT showing a live performance; rather, just showing pictures or clips of Van Morrison or whatever, while the music plays. I'm looking for a recorded live performance. Thanks!
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According to this website that collects setlists, Van Morrison has only performed Someone Like You once in concert live, at the Craigtoun Country Park in St. Andrews, Scotland, on July 24, 1988, which was only a year after the song was first released, I think. Sounds like he doesn't perform it live much. (Whereas he performs Have I Told You Lately live quite a bit.) You might want to try looking for bootlegs of that particular concert. (He may have performed it live more than this, obviously, as not every live performance is listed there and some of the setlists information is empty on some of the concerts they do have. Still, at least you know of one live performance now.) Good luck!
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This page talks about the July 1988 Scotland performance (for Fife Aid, apparently) and a live recording, and mentions that the performance is notable because it was a "rare instance" where Van Morrison performed Someone Like You. If you are really looking for a video, though, there may not have been one of this concert since it was raining.
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