Need to find a necklace in nyc for mother's day.
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I'm looking for a necklace similar to these: But maybe nicer. Can anyone recommend a place in or near manhattan where I can find necklaces like this?
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Response by poster: Just to add a little. What she likes about these are the "stoniness" and that the chains have a little more substance to them.
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Just a heads up - that link requires a Google account sign in. Can you make it public? Or post to another site?
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I've never seen anything quite like those before, but my instinct on looking at them is to send you to the shop at the Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle. I often find modern pieces with organic elements there (web link looks extra pricey, but in the brick-and-mortar store not everything is $$$$).
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Response by poster: I opened up that album to Public
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