How can I get my phone to cache web pages?
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So I just got this phone fairly recently, it's an android HTC 1x+ and while I love it a lot, I've been running into 2 issues which really bring the whole experience down for me. How can I stop my phone from reloading each page every time I switch tabs and how can I keep my place when it switches from portrait mode to landscape and back?

I read my phone on the train, and I like to load up a few web sites in different tabs on the chrome browser to read and then switch between. The issue is that if I spend more than 2 minutes away from the tab it seems to think that there's going to be so much new information and reloads the page. This is usually not an issue, but when the train goes underground I lose service, which means that the webpage loads to a blank page. If it hadn't automatically reloaded the page information was right there and I could have read it in peace.

The other issue is that when I'm reading a site in portrait mode, occasionally I'll tilt the screen a little to far and it will go to landscape mode. This isn't a problem as I can tilt it back to portrait mode no problem, but when I do it seems to have lost my place on the page entirely and I have to scroll around to find the right place. Is this fixable at all?
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Chrome on android is not as great as it should be. I use dolphin on my tab (it's free), you should try that. I'm able to load up long articles on wifi and then read them at my leisure later.
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On the three Android phones I've used, this reloading only happens when there is insufficient cache space on the device. How much do you have free in the internal memory?
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Response by poster: Mo Nickels, I've 11 GB of stuff out of 64GB available. So ~53GB available. Is there a way to assign more to cache space?
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That's the internal memory, rather than the SD card? You should have two different storage sizes listed.
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