What's a 1967 Camaro worth?
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A friend wants to sell a 1967 Camaro RS, but has no idea what it's worth. Can anyone recommend online (or other) resources that would provide a value range for such a car?
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Looks like anywhere from $9800 to $4900, depending what's in there, and what kind of shape it's in. Look under "muscle cars" then "chevrolet" the year, etc.
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ooops. All the way up to $49000, I mean.
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google for a start, but I think this is the kind of thing where you need to find an appraiser or auction house in your area. Try calling some car lots that sell classic cars and see if they know any appraisers.
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I agree that this does sound like a google question. That aside, hasn't the Kelley Blue Book always been the source for used car pricing? That's the first place I'd look...
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kelley blue book only goes back as far as 1985. I'd recommend checking ebay- four '67's are listed and many more '68's for reference.
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www.dealsonwheels.com - it's got 39 '67 Camaros listed, 20 of them are the RS - ranging from $13,500 to $45,000. Any more info on the car other than it's year would be helpful - condition, engine, matching numbers etc.
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Cars from that period, like the Camaro, are hot items on the market these days. Depending on the condition of the car, you can get big money for the thing.

The Blue Book is a good place to start for the value of the average used car, but when you start dealing in "collectibles", the Blue Book generally goes out the window,
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Hemmings Motor News has 55 1967 camaros for sale; some of them should be close enought to what your friend has to give him an idea of the value, as well as providing a potential marketplace.
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Go to Ebay and search under "completed listings." That will show you what similar cars have actually sold for. It looks like the range for a 1967 Camaro RS is $5-15,000, with some going for a lot more if they have special features. I would link, but you have to logged in to see completed listings. Ebay might be a good way to sell a collectible car like this.
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You can try this site too - which despite it's incredibly vile layout and design has a lot of info on it about the camaro including breakdown of features on individual models. I'm seeing ~65,000 1967 Camaro RS's built so it really comes down to condition and specs. If you can let us know condition and the engine it'd help a great deal in guesstimating a price for your friend.
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A second on Hemmings Motor News.
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Special options/features will make the most difference in price. If it's a run-of-the-mill RS, the condition of the car (the body in particular), will make the most difference. Really check the car out before deciding if it's "standard" or "fancy-pants". Even factory options can make a car more valuable. In '67, there were three option packages: AS1 (front shoulder seat belts), J56 (bigger front brakes-I believe only on Z28's, though) and K30 (cruise control--only available on V8 autos).

Naturally, check the engine out. There were a few hundred dealer-option cars made (special options from certain dealers). I know a few put 427 engines in the car--if you've got one of those, that's a real find (almost $6-figures in today's market). I don't think any of the '67 Camaro's had L-89 engines (aluminum head), but a previous owner might have done a swap. Check to see if all the numbers match. A standard 350 RS in good condition could probably fetch $15k-$20k. A frame-up restored standard RS could get $25k easy. A "sitting under a tarp for the past 5 years" version that doesn't start and has moderate rust will be anywhere from $2k-$5k.
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I believe C_D is referring to COPO or Yenko Camaros which IIRC where from the '69 onwards. You might find someone who has showhorned one in afterwards and these will not be worth quite as much. A genuine Yenko or COPO ZL1 will be about $75K and upwards but they are as rare as rocking horse poo. '67-'69 data for Camaros also available here.
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No, I was actually referring to dealer-installed 427's. There are a couple of (quasi) well-known dealers that sold 427-equipped 67s: Baldwin Chevrolet (calling them Phase III Camaros), Dana Chevrolet and Nickey Chevrolet. The Central Office Production Order (COPO) Camaros are beasts unto themselves.
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Oh, and if you really want to wet your pants, check out the one and only '68 Z/28 convertible.
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I live and learn, merci beaucoup C_D...
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