"Activity" places for a bachelor party in NYC
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Recommendations for good bachelor party "activity"-type places in NYC. Not looking for debauchery—right now, we're considering something like Brooklyn Bowl and/or Barcade. Thinking along those lines or pool/darts, that sort of thing, but also interested in other ideas. Manhattan or Brooklyn.

We'll be eating dinner somewhere in the middle there, so something high-intensity like laser tag is out. We're probably talking about a dozen guys in their 30s. There will be drinking (so places where we can drink are preferred, though not required), but this crowd definitely won't be very rowdy. Thanks for your help!
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I have a friend who when he was having a bachelor party said, "Ok, finally. It's my turn to make us do what *I like*! And what I like is playing games with my friends in a basement!" So we all went to Fat Cat on a rainy weekend afternoon when it wasn't crowded. They have pool, ping pong, shuffleboard, foos, etc. And beer. Honestly, it was one of the funnest bachelor parties I have ever been to.
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Luna Park!
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Don't know if you'd consider this "debauchery". Last weekend for my brother's bachelor party we went to Duane Park. It was pretty cool, though I wouldn't call it amazing. Price-wise it's $90 for a Saturday night dinner & show. With drinks (3ish each) and tax and tip it came out to $205pp.
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Chelsea Piers?
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Coney Island! I did this back in 2002. Fun.
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I went to a bachelor party at Brooklyn Bowl a couple of months ago, and we had a blast! They won't let you stay on a reserved lane all night, so maybe make it a stop on a tour, but it was my platonic ideal spot for a bachelor party: a little loud, but not so bad you can't talk; a built-in activity; and food and drinks brought to you in the midst of the activity. It's also right around the corner from the Brooklyn Brewery, which is an excellent pre-bowling-party hangout spot.

Less recommended: tequila shots in the middle of the dance floor
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Response by poster: Thanks, these are some great suggestions! I'll let you all know what we decide.
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Response by poster: We've decided to start the night at Barcade, then have dinner somewhere, then go to Brooklyn Bowl, and perhaps another bar after. Thanks again for all the ideas. The endorsement of Brooklyn Bowl was definitely a help!
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