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What can I order from Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW to be delivered for Mother's Day?

Got three moms/mom-types in my life who need something and I haven't done jack shit to deal with it yet. I have Amazon Prime, however. Can this be configured to save my ass?

I know Mother's Day is Sunday, but nothing gets delivered then, and I'd rather not do flowers. All three are living in fairly remote areas where the choice of "local items to be delivered," other than flowers, is limited or non-existent. So I'm thinking Amazon. Hit me with your suggestions, PLEASE.
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Response by poster: Some tiny guidelines: No candy, no perfumes or lotions, humor is appreciated. One of the recipients is truly elderly. None of them "need" anything. Nothing Kindle-related or "virtual."
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Pretty stuff like scarves, vases, fancy glassware? Books? Candy?

Heck, search 'Mom' or 'Mother' on there and see what happens.
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I was over there earlier and they were pushing some next-day delivery specials for Mother's Day.
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I really like, and have sent Edible Arrangements. I know you said no candy...but their fruits are awesome! It may be worth a call to see about delivery. They have impressed me in the past.
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my go-to gift for people who don't need anything is a nice tin of harney & sons tea (i love the paris flavor!). the tin is sweet, the tea is delicious, and (most!) everyone enjoys a good cup of tea. most of them are add-on items only, but it won't really matter because you'll have more than $25 worth if you buy 3. and you can ship them to separate addresses.

you could keep it cheap with the less-than $10 gift or you could pair it with a nice teacup and saucer set or a tea travel mug for a complete package.
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Um... anything? Not trying to be snarky, but if you have Amazon Prime, you could buy them virtually anything from power tools to poetry and have it arrive on time. My go-to gift is an umbrella -- there are some very nice ones and everyone can always use them.
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Soooo, this is oddly specific but this little strawberry huller is great. It's also cute and cheerful and it's not really a multitasker because it removes tomato stems too. Maybe you could throw in a few red-and-white kitchen towels to make it more of a gift set than just a random kitchen gadget.
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Make sure you check the delivery date. Even with Prime, sometimes it can't be delivered in time. I'd upgrade to next day. Search for "gift basket" on Amazon. There's lots of good stuff.
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Per, "up to 50% off on Mother's Day Gifts" at Amazon.
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Consider checking out the furniture and decor section if you know anything about their taste. Even casual drinkers sometimes likeliquor decanters. You can get a colorful or classic vase.

As a tea drinker, I love the hell out of this thing. Stupidly luxurious pillowcases have been one of my favorite gifts ever. You may have to poke around a bit on there to find the right set, but Amazon has them.

There are also more entertaining or saccharin pillowcases.

I personally am a sucker for a pretty umbrella, but that can be highly individual. Anyway, just a few thoughts.
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Make sure you check the delivery date.

Yeah, Prime has issues with Sat delivery (in that they are not all that reliable on weekends) and the window for delivery tomorrow is closing in the next hour or two. Another note with Prime as you are ordering multiple items - not all items will come from the same place so shipping rules may be different, so pay attention to each item ordered. As I always opt for the one-day delivery and skip weekends, it usually solves delivery problems.

fwiw - Thanks to this thread, I just ordered a couple of thing, so thanks for the reminder. I went with a Italian cookbook, The Original Three Tenors Concert DVD, and Italian Dinner music CD and and a cheat sheet of Italian Grammar (mom is going to Italy in Sept and we have tons of relatives there).
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Some things on Amazon don't get Saturday delivery, which may not be available in all areas anyway. You may have to do next day. There's different cut-off times depending on which fulfillment center is shipping the item, so you probably need to be more specific than "anything on prime."

Do you absolutely have to buy something?
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If none of them need anything: make a donation to a charity that they like (Sierra Club, Heifer International, etc), and email the confirmation to them on Sunday.

What about a plant? This bonsai tree is Prime-eligible. Send it with some shears and it's not just a decoration but a thing to do.
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A whimsical bedside water carafe.
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A beautiful photo book on a subject each one enjoys would be very nice. And a truly comfortable and luxurious blanket is always a good gift because people use them so often. Pizzarina's water carafe idea is great. I have this one by my bedside and everyone who sees it wants one. I have also given those hot water bottle warmer things covered in a nice fabric or fur in this type of situation.
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Do any of them like coffee? If so, the Chemex Coffee Maker is beautiful, simple, and makes a killer cuppa. Make sure to get filters too. It's the maker of choice at MoMA!
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I was on there earlier today for this same reason and to have anything delivered Prime by Mother's Day, you would've had to have ordered a few hours ago. That said, you could pay the extra $3.99 to do one-day shipping.
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Response by poster: Okay, because I'm on the west coast I did make it in before the deadline. And because there's a young child in the picture (mine) I went with "kits for grandma and Kid BlahLaLa to do together," so birdhouse kit, windchime kit, etc. Success.

Thanks for the suggestions -- hopefully this'll be a good resource for people in the future.
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