Process diagrams in Adobe Illustrator
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I need to draw some process diagrams in Adobe Illustrator, and my Google-fu is failing me! I need to have a circular flow to the main part of the diagram, with a couple of additional arrows (think something like these diagrams: one, two, three). There must be a simple way to do this!

I can draw lines between the nodes manually, but I can't figure out how to make them follow a consistent, circular path. I also can't figure out how to place the nodes at points equidistant around the main circular cycle. This has to be stupidly easy, but I just can't find the commands I need.
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There is no real circular arc tool in Illustrator, rather, you're using bezier curves. The way I'd do it is to draw a circle using the ellipse tool and cut it up, tacking on the arrow points to the chopped up circle.
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Oh man. I've done these diagrams a lot and I could whip this out for you in no time, but to explain how...I don't have enough pixels. Illustrator has arrow brushes that can help you get what you want.
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Response by poster: xingcat - I'm sorry to be stupid, but how do I chop up the circle?
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You could cut it with the scissors tool...that's the easiest way.
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There are many ways to chop-up a circle. If you need exact quarters, you can use the direct-selection tool (the "hollow" arrow) and select the path between two points (of the four points in a stock circle) and copy/paste. Tah-dah! An arc of one-quarter of the circle.

Additionally, you can add points to the circle (using the arrow+ tool) to mark-off the exact portion of the arc you need, and do the same copy/paste.
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