Getting multiple Outlook task and contacts folders on Blackberry
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I use Outlook pretty heavily at home - not for email, but for everything else (calendar, tasks, contacts lists). This includes keeping various tasks folders (e.g. To Do This Week, To Do Soon, Errands, Music to Download) and a few contacts folders (e.g. Personal, Business, Online Accounts (where I keep my login info and other details for my many online accounts)). I decided to go with a Blackberry for my first smart phone because it sounded like it would be the one that would most smoothly mesh with the Outlook info on my PC so that I could have my calendar/task/contact info in both places at all times. I was prepared to do daily (or more) syncs between my PC and phone to make this happen. Per the question title, I got a Blackberry Curve. Alas, it turns out that I was sorely mistaken. The Curve (and who knows how many other versions of BB before and since) allows only one folder each for tasks and for contacts on the device. I'm an individual user (not a corporate user) and don't use (or want to use) Exchange Server - although I don't think that would help this particular problem anyway. So is there anything I can do to get my Curve to handle anything more than one folder for tasks and contacts?

I have put this question up on the Crackberry forum, but no one could help (the answers came down to: 1. I'm S.O.L., and 2. I might be able to get some of this kind of function using Evernote (my preliminary research on Evernote suggests otherwise, but I admit that I didn't dig any deeper than that).
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My only suggestion would be to move everything back into just one folder, but change the names to add the previous folder name to the actual item.

For example - under your Business contacts for Joe Smith, move him to the main contacts folder but label him "Business - John Smith". Likewise for tasks - "buy laundry detergent" under the Errands folder becomes "Errand - buy detergent" in the main tasks folder.

This way, when viewing the list alphabetically, everything in each category will still be grouped (as long as you keep each category prefix the same, including spaces), and then alphabetized within each group.

Depending on your device (haven't used BB since 2009 so I'm not sure) you might be able to search tasks or contacts directly on the device - and just use the prefix to narrow your search to only that category. Even better, if possible, is to save your commonly used searches on the device so you can just click and see the list without hitting search and typing every time.
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