BOS to Deleware. Need meeting point on 1-95 NYC, public transit...
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I'm road trippin' with friends. They are driving from Boston to Deleware. I'm in NYC. I need to meet them somewhere along the 1-95 route in the NYC area, So they don't have to go out of their way to pick me up.

Snowflake details: I'll be getting picked up around 10-11pm -- need somewhere safe to wait if i need to.
Would like it to be public transit accessible from the west side of Manhattan.
I don't want to take a train to CT, just to drive back through NY.

Help, meFi. you're my only hope.
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Newark Airport?
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I'd think Metropark would be less of a hassle than EWR? Its basically one exit on the Garden State Pkwy from 95.

The Newark Airport station is a little bit less easy on easy off because it is on the other side of the airport from 95, so you have to do 78 for an exit then 1-9, then a side street.
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Secaucus Junction is probably your best bet. Tons of trains from Penn Station go there, you can wait there no problem, and it's right off of 95 in NJ. Just be sure your friends driving get specific directions there, since as you can see on that map, there are two branches of 95 at that point.
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ignore me - grither is right
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The George Washington Bridge Port Authority? It's been a while since I've made the drive so I don't know how easy it is to get on/off 95 around there, though.
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When I have to do this I usually tell them to exit at Amsterdam Ave and meet them on the corner of 181st & Amsterdam, in front of the big brick apartment building.

It's very quick on-and-off I-95 -- as long as they're taking the Cross Bronx. Easy by subway, too -- 1 train a couple blocks away at 181st St. Plus this way you don't have to spend money on commuter trains.
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(If they AREN'T taking I-95, taking the A to Dyckman & Payson is almost as good, since they can hop on and off the Henry Hudson Parkway on their way to the bridge. That's the way I usually go.)
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Wait they are driving from Boston to pick you up? So NJ is the wrong direction. I'd take a metro north train from Grand Central (I know you said you didn't want to but still!). It's 8 bucks and will take you far enough North to make scooping you up really easy for them. Barring that, Van Cortlandt park, the last stop on the 1 train in the Bronx, is near a bunch of landmarks and not too hard to get to from the highway. But driving into the Bronx even from 95 is a pain in the butt.
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How is NJ in the wrong direction from Boston to Delaware?

Secaucus Junction is an excellent suggestion - it's on the eastern spur of the Turnpike. It's 15X, so it's hard to tell when you're driving what side it will be on!
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The Burnside Ave stop on the #4 train is very near the Jerome Ave. exit off the Cross Bronx Expressway - aka I 95.
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