American toys for German kids
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What are some great gifts I could bring from the US (northeast) to kids in Germany who range in age from 3 to 8 years old? What cool kid stuff is available in the US that might be novel for kids in Germany these days?
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Best answer: Magna tiles
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Best answer: --Stomp rocket
--Marble runs (these have been around forever, but not sure whether they're as big in Europe?
--Barnes and Nobles where I live have a great line of Usborne sticker books where you use a zillion stickers to dress up figures in the books. Maybe not the most original, but super fun and since they're in English, unlikely to be available overseas
--Magna Doodle-- also a classic, but according to this, maybe not easy to find in Germany?
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Best answer: Also, mentions here that Germany lacks the NE US's plenitude of enormous cheap craft supply stores (Michael's, JoAnn, AC Moore), so a big box of fun kid crafting stuff (feathers, pipe cleaners, pompoms, felt, styrofoam sticky shapes, acrylic gems, glitter glue, cardstock, etc.) might be an option.
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Best answer: I'd hit the dollar store and find some cheap glowsticks and necklaces/bracelets. I've been to a LOT of toy stores over the years in Germany and for some reason I can't recall ever seeing those kinds of things there. Yeah they're one-shot, but they're cheap and good for an evening or two of fun. Break them out on a summer evening and the kids will go nuts.

If you have a Target nearby, sometimes in the "dollar bin" section you can find 15 small sticks for a buck. Those go a long way.
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I will take any excuse to promote the perplexus. It is truly awesome for kids and adults.
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Not a toy, but a host sister of mine who was 8 or 9 was completely amazed by the mechanical pencils I brought her. She had seen fancy ones before, but never fun ones aimed at kids.
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