Soooooooore cervix.
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Sex-filter: What the hell did we do to my vagina/uterus/entire abdominal cavity?

My boyfriend and I were having sex the other night with some pretty deep thrusting, which led to some tenderness and soreness reminiscent of period cramps the next day. Because he usually kind of bonks my cervix a little (which feels good during sex!), I assumed it was a sore cervix, and didn't think much of it-- so we had more sex. Today I feel like my uterus is going to fall out-- it's just a kind of deep "burning" soreness, not much different from period cramps but different in that it's basically a constant pain instead of an ebb and flow of cramping. Owwww, it hurts.

So obviously, no sex for awhile. But is there a chance I've done something really fucking terrible to my cervix/vagina/uterus? I googled it (bad idea) and read a Straight Dope article about the phenomenon of vesicovaginal fistula in child brides + adult partners in Nigeria, and since I've had urethral surgery in the past, I'm pretty squeamish about the possibility of a fistula. It just... really hurts!

Idk, because I'm used to some occasional soreness I'm torn between thinking this is serious and not? I'm at a lapse in my medical insurance coverage right now so I don't want to make an unnecessary doctor's visit, but I also want to take this seriously if something could be seriously wrong.

(I've felt a little sick to my stomach, dizzy, lightheaded, but that could be a result of medical-related anxiety. I do feel a bit weak, though.)

Basically if this is super common I'm going to get some rest and not worry about it, but if it could be a sign of something more severe, I'll get it checked out. Thanks!
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I can confidently tell you this is not a fistula. Vesicovaginal fistula is virtually unheard of in the United States except for iatrogenic fistula. And you are definitely not the only person having sex with deep thrusting in America. Also, if you had a fistula you'd be leaking urine through your vagina (you'd be incontinent). However, the pain could be something like a UTI or other issue, and I do think it is worth getting it checked out given how much you describe it bothering you.
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Planned Parenthood offers sliding-scale (perhaps even free, not sure) OB/GYN exams.
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I get that sore + sick to my stomach/dizzy thing sometimes after sex, it has something to do with stimulating the vasovagal reflex. Not fun, but as far as I can tell not dangerous. I am not you of course, if it continues to bother you, I'd get it checked out.
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I've had varied levels of cramping and soreness in the cervical area after sex. I assumed the difference was due to the different positions of the cervix at different parts of my cycle, but I never really tracked it consistently to confirm that.
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Planned Parenthood, for sure, and soon - they'll check you out thoroughly at a price you can afford. And "anxiety" is a diagnosis for after everything else has been ruled out. Tell them about the nausea and lightheadedness also. I don't know how old you are, but you could be dealing with anything from pregnancy to a uti to ovarian or uterine cancer - or maybe it's nothing at all. Find out for sure, though.
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From my experience fairly common; I had to respond because I too that period like pain: it goes away with time. It's uncomfortable to sit at times.

Obviously only a physician could really assist if there is an issue. Maybe it's time for that good ole yearly! Write the symptoms on paper, pain ranges and sex .
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It sounds like you feel sick and that this isn't like your normal soreness. I'd go to an access clinic or pp just to be sure. Wouldn't want something like untreated pelvic inflammatory disease to come back to haunt you.
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It's never a bad idea to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice, just in case of a UTI (urinary tract infection).
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From an anonymous commenter:
Hi, I do this ALL THE TIME, for the same reason. A bruised cervix is exactly what it is. It's kind of a low, deep, constant ache, right? It's just a bruise like you would get from hitting your leg, maybe a little worse because the area is so blood-rich. You can confirm by buying a speculum online (cheap and I think even Amazon has them) and having your partner check it out. He'll see a purple blotch on your cervix. It'll go away before too long, but you don't have to put off sex until it does (unless it's too painful to enjoy, of course -- but I actually like the added sensitivity).

Seriously, I can't count how often I have done this. If there's mild to moderate cervix-hitting, I just get a temporary soreness like you have before. With a bigger guy, or harder fucking, or longer/more sex, I get bruised just like this. I've had gyn checkups during this time, and they've confirmed. Nobody has ever suggested it was a health issue.

I'm baffled by the people suggesting a UTI. In location and in type of pain, it's nothing alike. I wouldn't consider that in the absence of normal UTI symptoms (e.g. burning near the urethra, difficulty peeing).
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I went to the doctor yesterday (not Planned Parenthood) and he did pretty much nothing-- I don't really know what to think since it is pretty bizarre, but he didn't want to give me a pelvic exam or anything until I had further complaints. So I'm not sure if it's a bruise or not.

However, I felt that it was getting better yesterday, but at about midnight the pain REALLY changed-- all the sudden instead of a vague "bruised" feeling where my period cramps happen, it became a really intense sort of "swollen," stabbing pain on my lower left abdomen. I've been trying to get in to see another doctor today because it hurt too much to fall asleep or even really to sit up, but I think it could be a ruptured ovarian cyst (something I've had before but much less painful than this) or something like that. Very confused but if I can see another doctor I'll be sure to get checked out more thoroughly. Thanks everyone.
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I thought of ovarian cysts right away, too.
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ugh, I am sorry that happened. It sounds like the doctor you saw didn't understand that this is different than your average 'sore after sex'. Ruptured ovarian cyst is definitely a possibility. I am concerned about the pain you describe. I wish the guy you saw did a better workup (or any workup). I hate to tell you to go to an ER when you're uninsured, but there are serious diagnoses possible here (almost certainly not cancer, and I wish that hadn't been mentioned above since it is so unlikely), but honestly with what you describe I think you need to be seen urgently.

If you tell whoever you see that you are having serious lower abdominal pain, nausea, and lightheadedness, it should be taken seriously! Definitely do not try to qualify your symptoms by suggesting that it might be all in your head as you did above - sometimes doctors are too open to the power of suggestion.
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As an update, I saw my doctor again, and he diagnosed me with a UTI and prescribed a sulfa drug. I was allergic and then switched to a three-day course of cipro. Today the drugs ended, but I still had symptoms, so I called my doctor, who said it turns out that after a urine culture, I never had a UTI in the first place.

The pain lessened temporarily but is now back and I am planning on going to the ER tonight. I'm afraid it could be pelvic inflammatory disease (I have a history of BV recurrence after sex despite precautions so I thought that might have caused something?) but I don't know yet.

treehorn+bunny, thanks for your help. I feel quite sad and confused at the moment, since I feel like I'm making trouble (my doctor didn't want me to come in the second time and the UTI seemed like a diagnosis he just pulled out of his hat), but on the other hand it does hurt quite a bit and I can't think of a sound explanation. I would imagine that regular bruising would have cleared up by now. Anyhow, thanks everyone.
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Oh, I also made an appointment with Planned Parenthood but it's not until Wednesday, but I'm hoping they'll be more attentive to my reproductive issues than the old man doctor who shoved a giant speculum into me and when I shrieked said "there's no good way to do this." Ayyy.
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What a runaround. Please update when you get it straightened out. Hope you're feeling better.
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