What non-sketchy sites can I buy unscented bath beads from?
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My Mom used to love using bath beads, but we haven't been able to find them for ages (We used to get them at a little red shop instead of a bigger store; I think it was a body shop inside of a Sears or Bay or something like that?) Anyway, I figured I would get her some for mother's day. This is turning out to be a lot more challenging than I anticipated.

I'm pretty sure they are still around, as a Google Image search for bath beads gets pages and pages of nice, pretty shapped beads. However, Google doesn't find much on that term on the first couple of pages, and directly searching the types of shops that pop into my head (The body shop, The Bay, Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart) don't have them.

I'm not used to this: Normally when I type a term into Google 1.5 billion people want to sell me said item. Now, I've only found one site that looks decently respectable so far, and a bunch of Amazon sellers.

Since this is going in a bath, I'd rather something from a respectable chain, or company, rather then Random Amazon Seller 434632. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've found The American Soap Company and they look OK, 1) but I've never heard of them before: Are they a respectable manufacturer? Do they make good bath beads? and more importantly, 2) all their beads seem to be scented. My Dad is very, very sensitive to smells, so perfumed bath beads are a no-go; I'd rather not have her gift give him headaches. A really weak vanilla might be OK, but anything stronger then that is a bad idea.

Also, the site has to ship to Ontario without a crazy shipping charge.

Oh, and I know it won't arrive in time, opps.
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It might help you to try the term "bath oil beads" since that's the subcategory you're after. "Bath beads" may be bringing up a lot of salts, but it looks like what you want are the bath-oil-filled capsules.

They do sell them in WalMart.

Even with that term, I'm not finding any listed by major suppliers, really. The thing is that they are these wholesale goods that retailers repackage in gift sets and holiday packs. I guess it's not the kind of thing they normally retail in bulk online.
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(So, for instance, the online place you found? They don't need a reputation for "good bath beads" since they don't make them. I think they're all pretty much made in China and all the same, no matter what store you eventually get them in).
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I think most bath oil beads are going to be scented, why not get her a container of nice oil that she could just use to pour in the bath? Like some unscented sweet almond oil?
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I searched for "bath pearls" and came up with this page from the Upper Canada Soap Company. They're well-established (i.e. non-sketchy) and headquarters are located in Ontario. You'd have to contact them to find out if the beads are scented though, because it doesn't say.
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Bath and Body Works at the Metropolis shopping centre in Burnaby might have what you would like.
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Obviously not going to look the same as the shop ones, but there are recipes to make your own and I can enthusiastically recommend saffireblue.ca as a nice place to buy supplies for that sort of thing (and yes! They are in Ontario!).
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Here are some from Walgreens. Calgon (Take me away!) has some, too.

I think it's become more popular to sell bubble bath with oil in it or just straight bath oils that you can pour into the bath water instead of the beads. Some of these bath oils might be mildly scented (look for few to no essential oils). There are these fizzy bath cubes which have oils in them, and seem only mildy scented.

You can also look for unscented bath "melts" or "bombs" which usually contain oils (but also other ingredients, so check those). But, it's not exactly the same as the beads.
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I have also been looking for bath oil beads! I don't know what happened to them, but I know you won't find them in the "spa bath" section of any drugstore I've checked, including my local wal-marts. I think online might be your best bet! Btw, they just have mineral oil in them (plus dyes and scent).
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Sorry, I meant "ebay", not "online".
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I really want to recommend Body Time to you, even though they don't have the beads, because they have a huge selection of bath oils and the like that are unscented and can be custom scented to your specifications, but I am afraid that they may have too many hoops for shipping to Canada.

I have been using their products for about 20 years and am extremely happy with them.
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The Calgon variety, though called bath beads, are actually powdered bath salts. Someone who likes oil-filled beads might like them to, but they are different products.
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hurdy gurdy girl: Those are perfect! They are scented, but Dad says the scent normally doesn't stick to the person, and that he has been fine around scented bath beads before. Thank you very much.
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Glad those will work!
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