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Online newspaper and magazine archive collections that are both reasonably priced and useful?

My employers had an account with Factiva, but I find the $2.95 cost per article on top of a yearly subscription for an individual account to be rather unreasonable. Their archives are quite extensive and I'm sorely missing the resource. Any other suggestions?
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Best answer: Check your public library. Many have subs to online archives you can use for free from home (Proquest, Ebscohost, etc.) if you have a library card. The Columbus (OH) library even has the online OED.
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Also try checking local university libraries. Many of them offer online access to articles, and many of them offer library access to non-students for a yearly/quarterly fee.
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The New York Times Archive, which starts next week, sounds like a pretty good deal. It's $49.95/year (or $39.95 if you act now (by Sunday), and includes 100 articles from the archive/month, plus you can still get your Paul Krugman fix. It's free for print subscribers (at least for now).

The Onion just redesigned their web site and made the archives free.
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Response by poster: thanks lukemeister, but i'm looking for a service that collects many articles. for instance with factiva i could have it search the archives of the NYT, the toronto star, and... um... some european paper for a particular phrase.
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