The best book on college grammar?
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I have just finished a college course in business English. I did well, but I want to be able to look at parts of speech in a sentence and understand enough to know for sure why I am using who or whom or when to choose subjective or objective pronouns. (Example: Do you think it was THEY who left the door unlocked overnight?) My textbook spent more time telling you to substitute he or him for who or whom, but I wanted to be able to understand what part of speech was responsible for the choice. What is the best college level or above textbook to teach me this? Thank you in advance.
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I believe you want A Student's Introduction to English Grammar, by Rodney Huddleston and Geoff Pullum.
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Garner's Modern American Usage is both edifying and entertaining. Not entertaining in the same way that Eats Shoots and Leaves is, but far far FAR more accurate.
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I'd go for the Garner or something similar - you're looking for usage, not grammar. Easy to get bogged down in lists of tomes chock-a-block with kernel sentences and transformations.
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