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As a Progressive, aside from some stuff I hate read, the only conservative periodicals i read on any regular basis are First Things and the Economist (which, you know Cliche). Part of the problem is homophobia, but that's not enough of an excuse. So which blogs, websites, pod-casts, magazines, journals, tv shows, subreddits, zines, or mailers about neocons, fiscal cons, paelocons, libertarians, paleo-libertarians, social conservatives, or anything I have missed. I have read a lot of books, and I am more interested in a set of ongoing discussions, rather than something as solid as a monograph.
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I would like to suggest Financial Times Weekend and Human Events, as well as Anarchy Magazine.
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The American Conservative. Founded by Pat Buchanan, but mostly smart despite that.
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The National Review and the various associated blogs.
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The Federalist Society's Practice Group Podcasts
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The American Conservative is a mixed bag (yeah, Buchanan), and I would still read them as critically as any other source, but they are generally pretty straightforward classic conservatives with a great deal of disgust for the current Republican party.
Which kind of conservative? Authentically conservative — modest, open-minded, and uninterested in partisan chicanery. Our motto is “Ideas over Ideology, Principles over Party.” So much of what passes for conservatism today is wedded to a kind of radicalism — fantasies of global hegemony, economic theories that are utopian and ruinous, and an eagerness to substitute diatribe for debate. TAC is nonpartisan and devoted to the conservative disposition, not the Republican Party. We broadly stand for fiscal restraint, civil liberties, and a prudent foreign policy, and we incorporate a range of voices.
Dan Drezner is a pretty fair and serious writer, too.
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It's been a while since I've seen either of them, but Commentary (conservative, pro-Israel) and Reason (libertarian) are generally well-regarded.
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I've sometimes been able to read George Will's writings without getting totally turned off. I believe he's in the Washington Post here and Daily Beast here.
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Andrew Sullivan is conservative, Catholic and homosexual. He was a cheerleader for the Iraq war until it went south, and now considers the W. Bush years as a betrayal of true (for him that means "Edward Burkean") conservatism. The blog is a bit of a mish-mash, almost tabloid-y, but he writes longer pieces in various places as well, including one in 2008 backing Obama for president.
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The American Conservative (Buchanan) and The American Interest (Fukuyama). Reason is libertarian, but still falls within the parameters of your question.
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Best answer: Marginal Revolution is the blog of the economists Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, both university professors at George Mason. They're typically on the opposite side of issues from Progressives, including, frequently Paul Krugman. I find Cowen more useful than Tabarrok, as the latter is more reflexively conservative.

Similarly, The Volokh Conspiracy are a set of libertarian-minded lawyers. Some of them are too far down the "literalist" ratholes, but their analyses can also be interesting to read, particularly on US supreme court decisions.
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I would argue against the premise that The Economist is conservative. Outside of its core promotion of free markets, their stance is mixed, but tends toward the left.
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the christian science monitor newspaper leans a bit right. it's a good solid paper that has been around for a long time. (fyi: it isn't a religious newspaper but just has one column daily on christian science which is clearly labeled. i've never even read that column.) of course there is also the wall street journal.
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while a bit pricey there is the kiplinger letter which is a weekly summary of business forecasting trends. my dad, a business owner, used to get this and as a teen i'd read it at the breakfast table. it's a concise, quick read and really kinda interesting. there does seem to be a general kiplinger website that is free but i've only glanced at it so can't tell you about it.
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Op-Eds in The Wall Street Journal?
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Yeah, the WSJ editorials will read like they're from bizarro-world if you're progressive.
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Best answer:, Daily news and opinion from (besides the left) Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Justin Raimondo, etc.
The New American, a bi-weekly publication from the John Birch Society (which, while they are right wing jerks, is surprizingly non-tin-foil-hatty, as well as anti-war). I actually snuck in an FPP on the Blue from one of their editorials, and Mefites seemed to like it (don't know how many realized it).
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Best answer: Cafe Hayek is a blog run by Russ Roberts, who is a conservative economist from George Mason. He also hosts a podcast, Econ Talk, where he conducts in-depth interviews economists from across the political spectrum. He can be a little crass at times, but his posts and podcasts are intelligent and well done. He's also good at addressing the counterarguments to his point of view, and he does so in a good, non-dismissive way.
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I have read Arts and Letters Daily for ever. It has lots of conservative commentary and links to many interesting sources that meet you criteria.
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