Free, low-cost, or sliding scale cataract surgery in LA county ?
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My mom needs cataract surgery. Medi-Cal and Healthy Way LA are not an option. Can you help her find it?

-- She and her husband make too much for Medi-Cal and Healthy Way LA, but too little to afford even one eye.
-- I can't help either. We don't have other family or friends who can help.
-- Neither one of them has insurance and her husband is self-employed in a field that doesn't have big companies that offer benefits.
-- Her ophthalmologist tried to find low cost/no cost resources, but found nothing. I find it hard to believe that there's really nothing, so I'm asking the nice people at the green. I'm finding some LA Dept of Public Health and other free clinic general practice information, but having a hard time finding a referral for similarly ability-to-pay-priced eye surgery. If you know a specific doctor, feel free to MeMail me if you'd rather not post.

I'd rather my mother not be blind if it's preventable, and I'm sure so would she, so I will entertain any idea. Extra credit if this was your situation and you can suggest a solution based on experience.
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I'd contact and find out what they can suggest.
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I know that St. Vincent's serves a low income population but does a lot of eye surgeries through it's eye center.

Not sure if you are eligible, but Queenscare was literally a lifesaver when someone I knew needed surgery but had no insurance. They paid for everything.
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It's unclear from your post, is she able to make monthly payments?

If so, she may be able to do a payment plan, or a credit line from someone like Care Credit. With a credit line they can pay upfront, which some services require.
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