What style of artwork is this?
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Can someone tell me a term for this painting style? Pig Painting Specifically the small appendages and rotund body shape. I'm looking for more paintings of pigs in this style if you know of any good ones. Thanks!
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Best answer: This reminds me very much of a James Clark cow painting.
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Best answer: Is this useful?
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Best answer: Jamie Wyeth's "Portrait of a Pig" suits the shape if not the style.
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Best answer: If you google English Naive Animals you get quite a few. The problem is that "naive art" encompasses a lot of other stuff too, and I don't know how to narrow it down.
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Best answer: Michael Sowa has some great pigs.
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Best answer: Following up on everyone else's suggestions, a google image search for pig naive painting turns up lots of really awesome pigs!
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Response by poster: You guys rock! All the links were helpful. It seems English Naive is indeed what I was looking for.
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