How to use MOD files?
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How to best edit / produce the MOD files from my JVC CZ-MC200 camera? Need advice / software recommendations, please?

Is it true that the MOD files are just mpgs? I renamed a MOD to MPG, and windows media recognized it, but I can't get adobe premier 1.5 to recognize it... complains about the audio not being recognized format or something like that...

The Power Producer program that came with the camera seems really limited for producing... is Adobe Premier the way to go? If so, how to get it to read my raw films?

I want to create short well-produced mpg or avi movies for posting to the internet. Any tips or advice most welcome!
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Mac or PC?
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nevermind... just saw "windows media".

You could try renaming the .mod file to .m2v. Also, try updating quicktime to the neweset version. (i don't know if this will work, i was just poking around google)
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