Hotel recommendations in Buenos Aires
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I will be visiting Buenos Aires on holiday this November, and would like your recommendations on hotels.

Additional details: I'd prefer somewhere that's handy for decent restaurants and bars, as well as convenient for the main sights, but not entirely dominated by tourists. Probably a mid-range hotel or apartment. Recommendations for specific hotels or general districts would be great.
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I was happy with AWWA Suites, a small hotel in Palermo. I could walk to a wide variety of restaurants and grocery stores on leafy streets, it was easy to grab a cab, and I didn't notice a ton of tourists.
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I spent three days in 2008 at the Hotel Wilton, 1162 Avenida Callao (pronounced kaj-JOW in Argentine Spanish), near Recoleta. This was a random Travelocity pick but I was pretty darn happy with the location-- about 0.5 miles south of the Recoleta cemetery, and 12 blocks north of the Capitol. This part of town is honestly more Manhattan-like in density and architecture than any place I've been outside NYC, so cafes and shops are everywhere. Very beautiful buildings in Recoleta. The hotel room was fine, plainer and more run-down than a U.S. hotel of this outward appearance would be, but also cheaper, and I assume of standard quality for that city. The room price included a decent buffet breakfast.
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We just went in March and stayed at the Duque in Palermo and at the Art Suites and Gallery in Recoleta.
Both were good but we preferred the Art Suites since they had kitchens and were spacious. Both are in great residential neighborhoods with lots to do nearby.
There is another hotel called the Art Hotel which gets confusing, so I linked the one we stayed at.
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We stayed at the Home Hotel in Palermo, which was an awesome, trendy but homey boutique hotel. The staff was super nice and professional, and the location was good, near cafes, bars, shopping, and transit.
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Mayflower Suites and Cristóforo Colombo are both very good. Mayflower Suites is in a better location, though, with lots to do a few blocks away and close to several subway lines that will take you to other interesting places.

Wherever you go in Buenos Aires, keep in mind that it can be a dangerous city. It´s not the jungle, either, just have some extra common sense, be aware of your surroundings and where your stuff is.
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We stayed at the BoBo Hotel in Palermo last year and adored it. The staff was very helpful, and the hotel was very cute and conveniently located.
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I think Palermo is the best place to stay in the city - it's a leafy residential area and home to a huge amount of nightlife, restaurants and cool little corners and shops. Also, if you're looking for boutique hotels then Palermo is the place to be. Home has probably been around the longest and is very nice. Just a few blocks away is the Fierro which has nice rooms and a fantastic on-site restaurant. Otherwise you could also look at Glu, the Krista or Abode. Querido a smallish B&B is a little further out in Villa Crespo which is a little less touristy than Palermo but is very much a local neighbourhood with its own charm and places to eat / drink.

Apartment-wise, again Palermo is the best area - airbnb is probably the best place to start.

Having said all that San Telmo would be the other choice for an apartment. Nearer the centre, it's older than Palermo so apartments can have a little more character, but the area itself is less green and leafy.
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I stayed in the Glu for nine days last spring and absolutely loved it. It's a lovely little modern boutique hotel in the heart of Palermo Soho, and if you can swing it, the rooftop room has its own outdoor space and patio.

I'd stay there again if I were heading back to BA.
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This place was in my neighborhood Las Cañitas. It always looked nice.

Not the most central neighborhood, close to Palermo, some might even say it's the Palermo/Belgrano border. Has little more relaxed and local more feel too. Fewer Americans. It has the most restaurants and bars per capita in BA on Av. Baez. It's by the rose park, polo fields, and horse tracks. It's not Recoleta and in my opinion I liked it a lot better than Palermo Soho and I lived in both neighborhoods. By taxi it's close enough to most tourist spots.
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