Camping spots in VT, NH, or MA
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Does anyone have a recommendation for camping places in southern Vermont, New Hampshire, or western Mass? We're two fit adults looking to find a good tenting spot between Brattleboro and Boston that has hiking trails and water, and is somewhat secluded without being totally backcountry.
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Pittsfield State Forest (opens on or about Memorial Day weekend) has some lovely tenting spots that are right next to a decent-sized pond. It's a very pretty area. Map is here.
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We spent a night at Ascutney State Park (a bit north of Brattleboro) two years ago and it was lovely. The mountain is a bit of a climb from the camp, but the views up there are wonderful.

You could also check out Monadnock State Park in New Hampshire, which I've never camped at but the mountain is a decent 3/4 hike or so.

In both cases you don't really have to rough it if you don't want to.
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Tully Lake is awesome but they fill up super quickly. There are hiking trails, canoe rentals, and swimming nearby. One thing that's kind of nice is that cars can't reach the camp sites - you park in a lot and cart everything to your site with wheelbarrows.
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Best answer: Mount Greylock?
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Jamaica State Park, maybe?
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"Friendly Crossways", about an hour outside of Boston, is an awesome half-century-plus old youth hostel in a humungous New England farm near several fairly woodsy state and municipal parks for being so far East in Massachusetts. They've got a variety of dormitory and room types but I wouldn't be surprised if they'd also let you pitch a tent somewhere on the acreage and have access to the showers and kitchen and dining room for an affordable price.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for good suggestions. I think we're going to go with Mt. Greylock.
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Response by poster: PS: it was awesome. Beautiful streams and waterfalls, great hiking trails, and a nice private campsite. Great trip.
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