What is a good DJ software that uses tags?
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Is there any free (or swedish free) DJ software for Windows or Linux that lets you add tags to tracks in your library and then search using those tags?

I´m about to start doing some work that while not exactly DJing it still constitutes selecting music on the go for other people to dance to, so let´s just say it is DJing.

I´ve already found a few free programs but they don´t seem to do what I would find most confortable.

What I find the most important is the ability to have songs in my library tagged using several criteria (rhythm, mood, theme, genre, key, etc.) and then be able to quickly search the library using those tags to pick the next song.

Of course I also need it to do the most basic things DJ software should do, like letting you preview songs through a headset, adjusting pitch and bmp, and timing the start of the song to "flow" from the previous one.

I´m not really interested in effects, but I won´t complain if it has that resource in case I ever decide to use it.

Bonus points for keyboard controls. More bonus points for easy keyboard controls.
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Best answer: You don't say what software you've already tried, but Mixxx is open source free. You can edit the tags of songs in your library with Right-click -> Properties, and there's a search function in the middle-left of the main window.

Virtual DJ is not free for non-commercial use but you can download and check out the Home version to see if that does what you want. I have a different version and to edit the file tags it's similar to Mixx: Right-click -> FileInfos. Search box is above the file browser window.
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Response by poster: I hadn´t realized the comments field on Mixxx was searchable. Is that what you are referring to?

I guess I should have been a bit more clear, as this still doesn´t quite work for me. The search function should look for tracks that match all the tags, as a way of narrowing down the search, so if I search for tags A, B and C, it doesn´t show me all the tracks with any of those, but only the ones that have the three of them.

Is there any program that does that?

I´ll check Virtual DJ, thanks.
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Response by poster: Virtual DJ seems to do the trick, and the controls are entirely customizable.

Thanks a lot!
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Sorry I didn't reply to your 7:43 post, was AFK. No, I didn't test searching for A B C tags. Glad to see you have a solution. Welcome to the rabbit hole. :)
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