A body like Taskpaper with a brain like Omnifocus.
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Is there a good-looking task manager that lets me sort by date added, but also has recurring tasks and iOS sync?

I use Omnifocus, because I need the recurring tasks and due dates. But I tried out the Final Version system and Taskpaper, and I loved it. Forcing myself to start on the oldest task cleared out a lot of old, sticky to-dos, and the simplicity of adding and crossing out tasks was so satisfying.

Unfortunately, I lost track of due dates and recurring tasks, and the syncing on iOS kept doubling or erasing my lists, so I'm back to Omnifocus.

I would love a task manager that is:

- Simple and fun to look at (like Taskpaper or TeauxDeaux)
- Lets you sort by date added/created, or that just adds tasks from top to bottom and keeps them in this order
- Syncs seamlessly
- Has a flag or tagging system so I can just look at the top task and other two I have selected

Does such an app exist? Thanks in advance.
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Omnifocus has Added in its sorting options. Set the project to sequential and availability filter to next action to see one at a time.
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I consume a steady diet of Mac productivity porn and nothing is really coming to mind. I am not in front of my own machines so I can't test myself, but give Cultured Code's Things a look.
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Michaelh -- Is there a way to sort by added and put the oldest tasks at the top?
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There is a big OmniFocus update coming. Version 2 will have a new iPad inspired interface with calendar view. Maybe that will be worth hanging on a while longer and checking out.

OmniFocus does let you create sequential projects, so you order them and then only see the first thing to do for the project. Finishing that will reveal then next one.

You can also use start dates, which instead of due dates will hide something until the date you specify. Make an entry now, give it a start date and forget about it until it shows up.

michaelh is right that you can sort by added, but I also don't know of a way to reverse sort direction. You can at least scroll to the bottom where your oldest added will be and work you way up.
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