Collected vitriol, like this collection of hate for comedian Stewart Lee
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I find this collection of online critiques of Stewart Lee extremely funny (On Lee's own website). They range from 2 word comments like 'Sneering Tosser' to far longer considered treatises on why he is unfunny. Many of the longer comments are very reasoned but punctuated with hateful sentences like 'The c***.' Youtube of him reading some of the comments himself. The expressions of hate he inspires are hilarious to me. The range of techniques and expressions people use to convey their disgust and the sheer level of contempt and disdain is really funny. I am looking for similar large collections of insults ideally directed at specific individuals, famous or otherwise. I am not interested in generic insults. For the record I don't find Lee objectionable or particularly funny for that matter.
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Just google sim city, the new game has gotten a fantastic amount of vitriol. I'd suggest starting with the amazon page (I believe it's gotten the lowest rating on the site ever), and the subreddit,
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Armando Iannucci has done some excellent work in this area:

The Armando Iannucci Show
In The Loop
Best Of Malcolm Tucker

Charlie Brooker's fictional recap of a documentary about Nathan Barley is brim full of insults and vitriol. Here.

If you're after real life insults:

Steve Coogan takes down Paul McCullen

Googling for supercuts of Charlie Brooker and Gordon Ramsay should also turn up some top swearing.
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Celebrities reading insulting tweets

Not exactly what you're looking for but in a similar vein: Curse Me Good
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How about Dooce's Monetizing the Hate?
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Does twitter count? Comedian Colin Quinn's account iamcolinquinn is about 50% people tweeting seething hate at "him" (i.e. at his manufactured twitter persona, which is fairly hateworthy.)
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Response by poster: These all look great thanks. Exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I will mark best answers when I get a chance to view the suggestions in detail.
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MeFi's own John Scalzi's first (of 2) collections from his blog Whatever is called "Your Hate Mail Will be Graded." The book is essays from the blog, not just hate mail, and the title was inspired by one of the posts collected here, and there are some other hate-mails revealed within. I was hoping he'd have a better collection, but if he does, my cursory searching didn't find it.

The guestbook at Bonsai Kitten has a nice collection of vitriol from those who do not comprehend that the site is a hoax.
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Directed at a forum not an entertainer, but A+ entertaining: the butthurt collection on Regretsy.
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