PowerPoint 2010, VBA to copy or create command buttons
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I need a macro to check each slide for the existence of several command buttons, and then copy/create them (along with the code behind them) on slides where they're not found. I've tried using the object browser to find the objects/methods to use but, not being very familiar with programming/coding, I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. I tried using a master slide but ran into problems (discussed here: http://www.utteraccess.com/forum/VBA-Import-Slides-Pl-t2002862.html&pid=2355756#entry2355756), but I really need this soon and I'd be happy to run this macro manually whenever I add/import slides. Thanks for your help.
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I may not be interpreting your question correctly, but how about the following?

It sounds like you have a slide in a presentation, (Slide 1 in the PowerPoint object model), with three buttons on it (CommandButton1, CommandButton2, and CommandButton3 in the object model). You can duplicate the controls by copying and pasting them from Slide 1 to Slide 2 and you'll end up with duplicate controls on Slide 2 that have the same names (so you'd have Slide1.CommandButton1, Slide2.CommandButton1 and so forth). You can then access the CommandButton1_Click function from the code of Slide 1 and copy and paste the entire function into the code of Slide 2. In other words, select all the VB code on Slide 1 and copy it to all the other slides that need it. When you click CommandButton1 on any slide, it'll activate the CommandButton1_Click code on that slide.

I don't know of a way to fully automate this, but copying and pasting into each slide where they're missing sounds like it would at least save you some time.
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Response by poster: You've got it, but I'm trying to automate the creation of the buttons on each new/imported slide (and the placement of the code behind each button) rather than have to do it manually every time for every new/imported slide. I've got to believe there must be a way create a macro that places the buttons and code on each new/imported slide.
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