Running races in Northern Italy and Slovenia in late August?
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My SO and I will be travelling to Northern Italy (the lakes region) and Slovenia in late August. Huzzah! As we're cementing our plans, it occurs to us that it would be fun to run in some sort of organized running race during that time, even if it's just some running club's 5K. However, it's been hard for us English-speaking Americans to find a reliable source of information as to when any such races will be going on. Can anyone help us? Barring actual races, what running tours, or other such similar things, do people recommend in the Italian lakes region, or in Slovenia?

More general running websites, such as MapMyRun and seem to be incomplete. We find it very difficult to believe, for example, as some websites claim, that there are no running races whatsoever in the nation of Slovenia for all of August 2013. It's also very possible that we're wrong on this point.

Our exact schedule has us landing in Verona on 8/19 and leaving from Ljubljana on 9/1.

Please note that, for the purposes of this question, we only care about running races and tours. No cycling, for this question.
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Best answer: Did you look through Calendario Podismo?

It appears to have the aim of listing every running race in Italy. Try selecting Agosto for the period although most of the ones I see do seem to be in Central Italy.
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Best answer: Slovenian only, running only, event list: Plenty of races in August, but it seems to be mostly triathlon and mountain races.
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