Hoofin' it in Buffalo
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How pedestrian-friendly is Buffalo Harbor? That and lots of other Buffalo and border-related questions..

So I'm in Toronto and just booked myself for a (likely) solo mission to the Guns n Roses concert at the Outer Harbor Wed June 5. I had no idea the "venue" existed.

The plan is drive to Buffalo, check into a hotel and get to the show. But the car stays at the hotel.

Trying to minimise budget and maximise experience here without being stoopid. All I'm committed to so far is a ticket to the concert. Not a hotel snob, clean-ish 2 stars is fine for a night.

Priceline and I haven't been able to agree on downtown Buffalo pricing but remains a strong option.

Another option is cheap hotel in Ft Erie and hike the Peace Bridge. Sounds appealing now but maybe not so much at 2am after a concert.

I realise taxi would be required for at leat a chunk of the second option if not both but any insight would be welcome.

Most specifically I'm wondering about walkability in, out and around the Harbor site. On Google Maps looks like a big jog south to mainland and maybe all freeway but hard to tell.

So even if say I was staying at the Adams Mark, would walking be doable?
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The walking directions on google have you walking along the Skyway. I don't even know if there are sidewalks on that thing. But it would be like a 5-10 minute cab ride from downtown, so not too much cash for that.

There's also the Queen City Ferry. You could easily walk from the Adams Mark to the Inner Harbor station and take that, $4 each way. I don't know too much about this option, it's new since I moved away. Maybe another mefite does, or you might want to call their office.
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Buffalo-area native here.

I've not been to the Outer Harbor specifically, but it's pretty out of the way. That part of the city in general is not too walkable. Route 5 is definitely not walkable, it's a skyway in that area. Would you consider staying in Buffalo and taking a cab to and from the hotel? That's what I would probably do. The Adam's Mark is pretty close but there are some other hotels in the Delaware/Chippewa area that would be an easy cab ride too.

Also, since you mention walking or taking a cab the night of the concert, I presume you plan on drinking - I would not attempt a border crossing in any state other than sober. So that might rule out Fort Erie.
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I can only speak to one part of your question: the walk across the peace bridge is long and inclined (well, only halfway, but it's a long incline especially if you're drunk and/or tired!). Also there are no hotels at the base of the bridge in Fort Erie. You won't want to take a cab over the border because the lines will be very long due to concertgoers and the fare will rack up. I would recommend staying in buffalo.
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Response by poster: Thanks for some sage advice above. Yes I plan on having a few beers, enough to make driving unwise but given time gap between sales closing, concert ending, navigating my way out of that place and even if cab straight to the Peace Bridge I figured crossing the border shouldn't be a problem with a piece of gum and being part of a throng. Or even happy meandering. No?

Also looking at Lackawanna now -- if shelter and maybe some food is all I need, a bad option?

Again a logistically perfect trip is fine and more advice along those lines definitely welcome. But would be nice to integrate some experience of the city. I've done Bills games, Sabres games, but all really "destination" stuff or blowing through. Would like to take a walk and see a nice little bit of Buffalo I haven't seen. Raw is ok but hoping to avoid stabbings especially given my machete is unlikely to make it past the border.
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I figured crossing the border shouldn't be a problem with a piece of gum and being part of a throng. Or even happy meandering. No?


I lived in Buffalo for 19 years.
For the Outer Harbor, I would stay at the Adam's Mark or someplace Delaware/Chippewa as AV noted. Lackawanna you are really getting out there. All things considered, the cab, the hotel, the hassle, something downtown is going to be the best bet.
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Don't try to stay in Lackawanna. Really. Stay at The Lafayette if you can swing it--worth it.
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