Moving Wordpress content from multiple domains into a single one
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I've got multiple domains, all running Wordpress, and am down-sizing to just one. Looking for the easiest way to get the content from the other domains moved/imported to the keeper domain, each in their own category.

So for instance, I've got the domain I'm keeping, call it I also have two other domains, A and B. What I want to do is get all of the content from domain A into a new category on the keeper domain, in a category called A. All of the content from B moved over, into a category called B.

That means I want to ignore the category and tag structure of A and B as they currently are - I just want all of A in a single category on the keeper domain, all of B in its own category, etc.

I know export and import would work, but that'll keep the category structure of A and B, right? Should I just do that and then go through and delete the categories? I would rather not do that as there are a ton of posts and that would represent a lot of busywork.
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What if you exported in stages, one export per category?
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So typically when I do these kinds of imports I will add a category for the "main" blog and add it to all posts. Maybe "legacy-posts" -- then for each set of posts I import, what I will do is add a new category - 'imported-from-external-1' and 'imported-from-external-2' - this makes it easy to undo the import and delete all posts in whatever category.

If you have the peace of mind of being able to delete them if you mess up, it is much simpler to import however you want to.

And yes, if I remember right you'll be prompted to save the relevant categories into the "main" blog.
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