Salsa dancing in NYC on Saturday night?
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Where can 2 couples go for some salsa and merengue dancing in the city on Saturday night?

I've done some googling, and a lot of the clubs have descriptions that include words like "NYC's sexiest ladies and finest men" or "steamy nights" which frankly intimidates me. 3/4 of us aren't Hispanic and are still learning how to dance, and while we are indeed sexy ladies and fine men, I want to go to a place that we'll feel comfortable in, where not every woman will be scantily clad.

Manhattan only, please, since that would be the central location for all of us. Friday night suggestions are OK too, but Saturday night is preferred. We're all around 30 years old and are not big partiers, we just want to dance. Have you been to a club/bar that would be good for us? Bonus points if they will play mostly salsa/merengue/bachata and not switch to normal club/reggaeton/hip hop music too often. We don't need lessons, but a bar/lounge that has a lesson and then has music playing the rest of the night would be fine too, as long as they keep playing Spanish music the rest of the night and don't switch to regular club music.

Thanks for your help!
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Meatpacking district
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