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I'm a Former Fat Kid who's had to exercise religiously to stay in some kind of (refrigerator-like) shape as an adult. My distribution of fat and muscle means that I have huuuuge glutes and quads. Pants are therefore my enemy. Help me find a fit! [36yo/M]

I have one of those crushing ass/leg combinations that, in gym shorts, look quite nice, but in normal pants just look dumpy and flabby. Because of the shape and size of my posterior, my pants become skin-tight (and do not-nice things to my junk) when I sit down. And when I stand up, my pants become so loose that they bunch up beneath my belt. How the heck do I rectify this, and what should I be shopping for? Brands, fits, cuts, fashion buzzwords, etc., all welcome.

I'm active, not the rakish type, and my sweat rate is kinda ridiculous, so I'd prefer to stick to unpretentious jeans/hiking/travel-type pants.
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Standard advice for curvaceous women may apply here: buy pants that fit the largest part of your body, and have them tailored to fit.
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The only kind of pants I can find to fit my butt/legs and also aren't ridiculously big in the waist are Carpenter style jeans.
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You are describing mr. needled. In his case we found that both jeans and chinos from Brooks Brothers fit him fine, Polo by Ralph Lauren worked fine for chinos, and L.L. Bean worked well for jeans. Now how we determined this was we spent a couple of weekends going to department stores and outlet malls and trying on every brand we could find. In the process I also had to talk him into not hitching up his pants so high, as this was contributing to the problem. The waist is still a bit big so he feels a belt is a must, but not to the extent of requiring tailoring.
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also...2" is about all you can reasonably expect to take out of a waist before it starts to look really bad/weird...if it fits everywhere else but the waist is off by 6"...keep shopping.
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I am not an expert on men's clothing, but I think what you need is an adjustment in the 'rise', the length from leg seam to waist. Perhaps your special needs could best be met by a tailor.
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I'm a squatter with ham-thigh genes, and I have the legs to prove it!

Most stores simply don't have any jeans I can wear.

Try Levi's 569s or 560s. Right now I only have two pairs of jeans that fit me - one is a bit tight, and the other is pretty comfortable. Both are 569s of the same nominal size; try looking at them in different stores, because there is apparently quite a bit of variance.

I've been on the lookout for a nicer jean, though, so I contacted the Detroit Denim people based on an online recommendation. They seem to be one of the few jean makers who can accommodate me, so you may have good luck with them too. They are making me a "hockey player's cut" with a bit of extra room in the thigh and butt. They're pretty slow to answer, so bear with it if you contact them.
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Man, I know exactly what you're talking about.

They're pricey as all hell, but I've been wearing Outlier pants recently, and it's a revelation. They're made out of a synthetic fabric with four-way stretch, so they have a massive amount of give in them — I can do a full ass-to-heels squat without having to bunch or roll or worry about the ass giving out. And because I don't have to worry about hulking through a pair or struggling to get them past my knees, I can wear a much slimmer cut than I usually do, which is awesome because hell yes strong legs. They're light, water beads off them, they never get stinky, they're durable as hell, they wick like crazy, they feel like pajamas and look at home at a business function.

I've got two pair of their Climbers and I'm pretty much sold. Had both in the laundry the other day and just sat around in my underwear because my old pants are dead to me.

I haven't tried them, but Outlier has a Keirin cut dungaree which promises more affordances for RWD folks.

Only downsides are the price and the fact they don't sell waist/inseam combos.
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