Looking for smallish canvas and leather tote/briefcase
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I'm looking for an everyday, tote/briefcase-type bag; smallish, around 12x9" and maybe 5 or 6" wide, made of canvas and leather, hoping to keep the price below $125. Any suggestions? I saw something on the train today that looked perfect, but I can't find it online. The brand was "Yosemite", which is tough to google. The logo on the label was a stylized sun with a face. Can anyone help me find that company or a different bag that fits the bill?

I've seen a few other things that are close to what I want:

The Sutter's Mill Tool Bag, from United by Blue, is too big.

Red Oxx's Gator Carry On Bag is close, too... the right size, but I'd prefer leather straps, etc, over their nylon web.
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Duluth has a bunch that fit those specs.
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Response by poster: restless_nomad: Huh - I've looked at Duluth before, but not in the women's section. The Oil Cloth Business Tote isn't bad, though it's maybe a bit big...

stevedawg: not it. "Yosemite" was on three separate labels on the bag I saw - I'm pretty sure it was a brand/company name, not a model. More of a small briefcase-like thing, too. I'm not interested in a messenger bag, though a shoulder strap is (almost) a must.
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It looks like Yosemite is a line of Ralph Lauren bags, too - here's an example, although they're hard to search for.
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You might want to check out Filson's selection of totes and carry-ons. They are generally a bit over your price range, but the "smallish" and "tote" parts of your question do fit in with a couple of bags in the $110-$140 range. The bags are of very high quality.
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