Pawnshop/second-hand store ID help needed, PDX edition
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Roughly five years ago, a friend and I were browsing second-hand stores on the East side of Portland, and stumbled upon one that was weirdly memorable, mostly because we now have absolutely no idea where it was located, but have the lingering feeling that it's something that we pass by all the time and somehow aren't noticing. All available clues below the fold...

I know this isn't much to go on, but here's what we remember:

-It was on the East side of Portland. It felt like it was somewhere between Stark (maybe Burnside) and Powell, on an east-west oriented street, no further out than 82nd, and on the south side of the street (although I could be mistaken about this).
-After entering from the street, there was one main room, and then one room further back which contained a lot of heavy duty tools (ranging from pro-quality power tools to weird old manufacturing tools that I couldn't identify), as well as several upright pianos and organs.
-Obviously this is subjective, but it had a memorable oddness that has us still occasionally mentioning it each other years after the fact.

That's about all we can recall... I'm thinking the detail about the backroom with all the pianos and organs will help someone ID it. Any guesses of what store this was? To rule out a couple options, it wasn't the vintage mini-mall on Hawthorne or City Liquidators.
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Best answer: This actually sounds a lot like Really Good Stuff, on 13th and Hawthorne. They have a front room with a bunch of random stuff and a large back room with tools, drum kits, pianos, etc.
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Response by poster: The pictures on Yelp are making me think that could very well be it... If anyone has other ideas, feel free to add them and I'll make an excursion to the likeliest suspects this weekend before marking a best answer.
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Seconding Really Good Stuff. Extraordinarily memorable oddness there. They've also got a huge chest of drawers full of old family photos of strangers, if that jogs your memory.
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There are a few second hand shops in the vicinity of Really Good Stuff but those tend to skew toward furniture or clothing whereas RGS has a whole range of crazy things.

In terms of an antique store which would have tools, I'd look in the Sellwood area, Stars Antiques and the antique stores which are in the vicinity. There's a half-dozen or so over there. But Sellwood is not Hawthorne so I don't think you'd mistake it necessarily.
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If it helps, some great photos of Really Good Stuff are on Flickr. Definitely sounds like it to me.
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