Bling on a Budget! (...And World Peace)
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Is anybody familiar with any (ideally bargain-priced) pageant and/or drag resources in NE FL, particularly the greater Jacksonville area?

My previously-mentioned 17 year old niece has decided to continue with her pageant career (she has one this upcoming weekend, in fact!), but as a fresh-faced newcomer to the world of EXTREME COMPETITIVE SEQUINED GOWNS, she's been struggling to pull together a well-rounded pageant wardrobe within her time constraints and her family's budget.

She's set for this show, but does anybody know of any general pageant and/or drag queen resources in the 904, particularly for shoes*, jewelry, gowns/speedy and reliable tailoring (she's something like a size six in the bust and heightwise, a size four in the hips, and a size two in the waist), and OOAK or offbeat costuming needs?

Bonus points if they're available on the cheap!

*She actually wears a women's 9.5, so she's good on shoe size availability (though it never hurts to have all your bases covered in a good resource list, imo), but since she lives in a fairly conservative suburb, she's pretty limited to prom-season fare for embellished heels and rarely comes across shoes higher than 4", which is something she'd like to aim higher than, so to speak.
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Best answer: She could try Fifi's, which is a designer consignment shop with several locations in the Jacksonville area. They would have dresses, shoes and some accessories.
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