Planning a Ruby Wedding anniversary
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Looking for recommendations for an upmarket hotel and a restaurant in Paris.

Asking on behalf of my uncle, who is planning a weekend in Paris for his and my aunt's ruby wedding anniversary in July. He didn't specify a budget unfortunately, a French restaurant is preferred, maybe in the Marais?

Sorry this is all so vague!!
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It really depends on what kind of experience your Uncle is looking for and how much money he wants to spend.

Here's an interactive Michelin guide.

I find Trip Advisor to be a good starting place, especially with Hotels. According to this list the Four Seasons George V is #8. Personally, if I were planning the ultimate romantic weekend, I'd want to stay here, just based on history and reputation.

Trip Advisor also does restaurant reviews and rankings.

When I've been to Paris, it's been more of an adventure than a big, romantic weekend, so my actual experiences won't be all that applicable. I will say you really can't screw up if you're picking Paris though. Even a bagette in the street is a five star event.
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For a hotel, look at Le Meurice on the Rue de Rivoli. Book there and then have the concierge make a recommendation and reservation for you.
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I ate at Tante Louise and Le Boeuf Sur le Toit last summer and enjoyed both of them quite a bit. They're both French cuisine and very good. Great ambiance. Paris prices, but not close to the most expensive you could find in the city. I also ate at Les Fines Gueules a couple years ago and really enjoyed the food there. The ambiance is also nice, but a little less elegant and more rustic. You know their preferences and personalities, and what they're capable of coping with. If they are going to want a place that will fawn all over them and ask them every five minutes if they're okay - Le Boeuf. If they're fine with the legit Parisian dining experience (hours; if you want something light a small signal fire on your table) and just want damn fine food - Les Fines Gueules. Tante Louise is somewhere in between.

Also, suggest that they don't overlook AirBNB for a romantic weekend in Paris. I've stayed in two places in Paris thanks to AirBNB, and have not been disappointed either time. You have to be careful, and discriminating, but often you can find something that is nicer than what you'd have in a hotel for the same price - or less. The first time, I stayed in an efficiency on Ile-Saint-Louis and the second time, we stayed in a larger place just north of the Champs-Élysées.
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The best restaurant experience I have ever had was at Taillvent. Excellent food, gracious service. It is coat and tie for men; I went in a knit top and cords and was treated far more nicely there than with my father at Daniel in NY, where I wore an LBD and my opals--I asked which champagne was the driest and was told their house was. When I ordered it: " But madame, that is the cheapest one!" They also refused to call a car service when I asked.
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