Suggest some pretty places near Barcelona for a short pre-Barca trip!
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I'm going to Barcelona for a week at the end of May. I fly in at about 7pm on Saturday, and want to spend three days seeing the countryside around the city before spending the rest of the time in the city itself.

I'm looking for suggestions of some picturesque villages either along the coast or in the countryside where we can find a B&B and see some pretty things. I don't mind hiring a car if that's the best way to see the area.

Any other lovely tourist-y things you might know about in the area are very much appreciated...
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Montserrat. Beautiful mountain hike, and monastery.
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Seconding Montserrat. Divine.

I also think Figurez and Girona are good places to visit. Girona has some beautiful medieval buildings, tight streets with stairs galore with kids playing around, less tourists and some lovely walks on the various bridges, buildings hanging over the river etc. Figurez for Picasso love.
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I just recommended this yesterday, but Palma Majorca. If you're into one of the islands. It's absolutely charming.
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There's a Dali museum in Figueres which I really enjoyed.
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Thirding Monserrat. I was skeptical and not so interested in going, but it was awesome/mindblowing. Plan on a day trip but not an overnight.

Check out Tarragona too. Not only is it a World Heritage Site, but it's also a pretty nice little seaside town.

It's kind of close to Barcelona, and I didn't make it there myself (although my travel companions did and thought it was awesome), but the beachtown of Sitges might also be a nice stop point, particularly for an overnight.
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Came in to say Figueres, for the Dali museum, though I visited on a day trip while I was staying in Barcelona and didn't stay overnight.
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Peniscola is beautiful.
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We took a train from Barcelona to Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava and it was magical. It's a beautiful little seaside resort, feels totally old school European, and some of the most breathtaking scenery I've ever seen. If you are a runner, the sunrise jog I took along the shore is a run I will never forget.
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Also came in to say Montserrat for a day trip - one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.
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