Looking for Stainless Steel 20lb Adapter Cable
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I have a Weber Q120 grill which I love to use, but it works off those little green camping type propane tanks, so it'll go through them quickly.

I bought the Weber brand 20lb adapter but it's just a rubber hose and apparently tastes delicious to my local squirrels as it was quickly chewed straight through. Unfortunately, the only stainless hose suggested has been discontinued. Can anyone find a suitable replacement online or will I have to fabricate my own? What would I need?

Also, the original adapter cable had a issue with regulators where it would often trigger fuel leak protection and vastly slow down the flowrate (read the reviews, it's a pain to deal with). Is there anyway I might avoid this with a custom cable?
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Would something like the "Coleman 30" propane tree", available in the sporting goods section of your local *Mart sort of store, fill the bill?
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Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't know such a thing existed. However, quick googling didn't assure me that it would have a metal hose, so I'd be worried about losing it to the animals again.
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@RichardP, I looked at that one and I'm worried about the fact that the adapter has it's own regulator, so I'm worried about having two in a line.
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@RichardP, I think I found the most useful review ever.

Now, I just have to figure out what adapters those are.
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I have the hose you need... I use it to run my Mr. Heater (which normally runs off a 1lb cylinder) off a 20lb tank. I THINK this is the one, but it might be worth a call to make sure. It's a pretty heavy duty hose.

I also have one of these refill adapters, which lets you refill 1lb throwaway canisters off a 20lb tank:http://www.mrheater.com/product.aspx?catid=357&id=98
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Two regulators in theory isn't a problem.

The fuel leak protection is contained within the tank and is mandatory on the 20lb size. If you step up to 40 or 100lb tanks they lack that "feature" or at least you can buy them that way.

You can get stainless steel braid for hoses which would thwart your hungry squirrels. They sell it at pretty well any store catering to the tuner crowd. Sometimes it'll come with fake fittings attached but you could just cut those off.

Be aware that it is illegal to transport a refilled 1lb canister.
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