Looking for a specific NYC therapist recommendation
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I am trying to find mental health help (talk therapy as a start) for my friend, urgently.

My friend has the following limitations, in order of importance:

1. sees patients on Saturdays (this is a must)
2. is on or convenient to the UWS (this is very beneficial but not a dealbreaker)
3. is good (this is hard to control for but... you know... obviously highly desirable)
4. has any sort of expertise in, or experience with, patients dealing with chronic illness

I see a referral to a psychiatrist as likely in the future, but at present my friend has only agreed to see a talk therapist, so I'm focused on that presently attainable goal.

I am currently really swamped at work, very stressed, and feel freaked out by the possibility that I won't find someone for my friend to see this Saturday. I would really appreciate any specific names that you can suggest.
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Is your friend at risk of self injury? If so, this might be an emergency situation in which your friend needs to go to the hospital. I'm just wondering why you're so worried and feel this is so urgent unless you feel like your friend is at risk for suicide or some serious self harm.

Barring extreme emergency requiring hospitalization, you might be able to get an appointment for this Saturday. I agree it's going to be difficult but not necessarily impossible. Try Psychology Today's Therapy Finder to get started ( I linked to New York, New York but you can filter by zip, insurance, specialty, etc.
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The ThereIsHelp wiki page has a list of online therapist-finder pages that might be useful. It also has hotlines if your friend is really in crisis.
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