Why Wyotech?
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Technical-School Filter: My son is really interested in attending Wyotech (as seen on Overhaulin') Generally, I think it would be a good move for him, and the school looks good...certainly better than any local technical school. Anyone been to Wyotech? Had experience with them? Recommend alternative schools that offer similar training?
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I didn't personally go to WyoTech, but I did go to the University in Laramie, WY where WyoTech is located and had several interactions with the WyoTech crowd. I can tell you that students came from all over the country to go there, so it must be somewhat of a decent place.
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Thanks, S.A.
My son will probably be going to the Pennsylvania campus, since it's closest to home. The thing seems to have grown like crazy in the past few years. I suppose that says something about the popularity/quality of the program.
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I just dropped my son off @ the PA campus this weekend. He's going for the Auto Body/Paint course, followed by Chassis/HPE.

He did a fair amount of research into the school after I showed him the Overhauling episode that featured the school. I was impressed by the people there, they really care about giving the kids a good education, and getting them good jobs in the workplace after graduation. You can tell a lot about the quality of the school by the companies that recruit from there, and just the general impression of the school.

I would recommend them, and if you want any more info, shoot me a note @ nick dot shue at gmail dot com, and I'll get you anything that you need, or even put you or your son in touch with my son @ the school.
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