Extract XY coordinates from Apple Motion5?
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How to extract XY coordinates from Apple Motion5?

I'm trying to track an object as it moves across the screen in a video with Apple Motion 5. The tracking is fine, but the XY coordinates are visible in the keyframe editor, and I can copy the X values (for example) and paste it into a text editor and save it as an XML file. The XML file contains the values but it is very painful to manually extract them. Is there a way to extract the XY coordinates to analyse later, preferably directly from Motion 5?
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What format would you prefer? CSV? Tab-delimited? If you've got an XML document, you could hack together a little script in your scripting language of choice (I'd use Ruby + XPath, but opinions may vary) to convert your XML to whatever format your analysis requires. I don't know Motion well enough to know if there's a way to coerce it into outputting anything else, but this is how I'd approach the challenge.
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Response by poster: The problem is that I have no programming skills. I would prefer csv, tab delimited, anything that Excel can open basically. This is how the file looks like; i just need the number within the value tag.
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