Look at the chimneys?
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Looking for a design project: A few years ago I saw a design project where someone made a set of black and white business cards or similar, that told people to look up at chimneys/roofs when they were down, as the light stimulated some sort of happy-chemical. But now I can't find it!

I would love to see it again, if any of you lovely people have a clue what I'm talking about - or if you know of any sort of similar niftily presented data snippet about happiness tips and tricks I'd be interested in that too.
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Best answer: Closest I can come is the likely source -- an anecdote about Milton Erickson^, who advised a depressed patient to count chimney pots on his walk home, partly as distraction, partly as a change of point of view, and partly as a way to socialize.

People are also advised to make their own affirmation cards, or buy them by the set.

And I could find wallet cards distributed by organizations detailing symptoms of depression and help line numbers.

Couldn't find the exact intersection of all these things as a design project, though.
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